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bettilt cdigo bnus 投稿者:Norine 投稿日:2022/07/04(Mon) 11:29 No.1833844 home   

Football is the most popular gameon the planet. Interest huge. Millions of people watch matches of idols. Demand rising planned.

Of course for this discipline you can make a bet at bookmakers. Shortly introduce development of football.

Development of game

Football originated in antiquity. Disciplines with a ball in demand among citizens of many countries. They were used in:
• Asian countries;
• Sparta;
• on the Apennines.
Italians improved sport. In the 16th century they created the game "Calcio". With the growth trade relations, it came to England. Interest in sport formed instantly. By Level of Interest "Calcio" beaten cricket.

Severe discipline

Interest among viewers appeared naturally. Game impressed with its dynamism. Battles on the field were serious. This permitted rules of football:
1. 2 squads.
2. 25 people each.
3. 15 offensive players.
4. Permission to fistfights.
Inhabitants of Foggy Albion made their norms. At first discipline wasn't standardized. In some places allowed to throw projectile with hands, in others forbidden.
The Starting attempt to unification occurred in 1846. Cases wanted immediate response. players from different colleges entered the field on the field as part of the tournament. Each player worked in accordance with known to himnorms. Result did not inspire optimism. However, players managed to create a common regulations.
First unification turned out positive. Participation viewers intensified. As a result in Great Britain there was the first specialized club. Roster named "Sheffield". It happened in 1857.
In 1863 formed The Football Association of England. It quickly adopted a standard code of rules of football.

Modern outline

Over time discipline improved. Created requirements for the field. Standardized dimensions of the gate.
Important year became 1871. Then appeared the FA Cup. Tournament - oldest in the world.
1891 - year appearances in football kick from 11 meters. However, from modern this strike is. Now take penalties from point. Earlier penetration was done from the line.
Game evolved. Interest grew. According to the results in the 1880s, the number of clubs passed over a hundred. In society began to arise rumors. Many athletes felt that certain teams pay members salary. At that time disciplines could be only amateur. As a result norms changed. They introduced a clause prohibiting players to receive remuneration.
Started wave slander. Lineups wrote accusations against each other. Some clubs left the league. Later norm cancelled.

Football in other countries of the world

Growth of trade accelerated penetration of discipline to other countries. Following the results game became regulated at the supranational level. FIFA originated in 1904. At the start association included 7 countries.
Unified norms on equipment did not exist. Players required to wear:
• hat or top hat;
• shoes;
• long stockings;
• pants.

Normal established later. Initially athletes played without numbers. Notation appeared only in 1939.
First international tournament held at the beginning of the last century. Football added to the Olympic Games. Participated only 3 teams.
Football flourished in the 1950. In the world started playing Pele, Yashin and other players.

Shelby Communications LL... 投稿者:Andrea 投稿日:2022/07/04(Mon) 11:29 No.1833843 home   

Many thanks! I like this.

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